We ain't BIG

TiNY is an architectural design studio based in Rotherhithe, London.

Established in 2018, we are an emerging practice, working on small carefully crafted projects that have a richness of detail, creating buildings and spaces that are elegant, timeless and contribute to their surroundings.

We would like to hear more about your project.

are you a home owner who wants to create a higher quality space to live in?

are you a commerce owner looking to develop and refine your brand through the quality of your physical retail?

TiNY studio is able to help you.

We love to design amazing spaces which produces a long lasting wow factor and age gracefully. Using high quality materials and craftmanship, stunning features and architectural expertise to create buildings which will create a project worth showing off.

We have a colourful portfolio, with work in various disciplines, such as hotels, high end retail. But we also love casual restaurants, kiosks, innovative structures for festivals, galleries, theatre plays, light in design and facade mapping.

Our network of professionals makes it easier to participate to projects with unusual applications. Creating a temporary gallery in a stripped out building, involving artists for the decoration of a kiosk, using reclamed materials to create temporary sculpture... We love to combine crafts and expertises to come up with unusual ideas and shapes.